At Forged Construction we have the capability to seamlessly guide you through your project, from foundation to finish. You’ll benefit from our experience in assisting you with planning and grants application processes, followed by the design phase, and right through to construction.

Planning Stage

Visiting your farm or site, we are happy to carry out an initial assessment and advise you on the best value for money approach to your chosen project, be it silage slab, sheds, slatted houses, grain storage or dairy building. This service is free of charge and completely without obligation.

Design Stage

Based on the subsequent requirements, we can organise for engineering drawing to be generated and for the preparation of a planning pack. These initial works will be carried out at a discounted rate on the understanding of awarding of works.

Grant application

We will generate the handover pack with all relevant construction information to meet quality requirements. We will also guide you through the grant application process and ensure the relevant information is available for inspection.