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Company Golden Rules

If it can’t be done safely, it can‘t done. Safety is the top priority of Forged Construction. Schedule or lack of resources should never be accepted as reasons for carrying works in an unsafe manner. Always remember your safety, the clients’ safety and the publics’ safety.

Quality from start to finish. Form the very first task to the very last, quality needs to be maintained. In sourcing materials, resources and carrying out the works, quality standards need to be maintained to ensure the best possibly job is achieved.

All employees are equal cogs in the wheel. Rather than being a small part of a big wheel, we are all equally cogs on the same wheel. If a single cog is missing or damaged then the wheel stops turning. While some work functions may be more prioritised, every work function is important to the company and every roll an employee carries out should be respected for what it adds to the company.

Bullying is never acceptable nor is not reporting if you witness a co-worker bullying another co-worker. What you may regard as a laugh may be very hurtful to another person even though they may not show it, so always consider your words and how you speak to others. Treat people with respect.

Engineer to be stronger. This applies to every part of company life, as a company we never stand still, we always look for improvement and ways to better our finished product, our work environment and our work practices. Through this company ethos we can provide a better and more secure place to work.